Saturday, January 28, 2006

dressed for success

Was at the beach on Australia day, with quite a few others. It was pretty darn hot, and it was windy, so there was a bit of derma abrasion happening thanks to the sand. We figured out the best way to stay cool and not get sanded was to put our chairs about six inches deep in the water. It was nice.

But as we were sitting there, my wife and I, I noticed a strange spectacle.

This young child, probably four years old was screaming and crying. He had this brilliant blonde hair. Was wearing great board shorts, and a rashy. Looked custom bred for the ocean. He was dressed for the waves. But there he stood screaming. Terrified of the water. Yelling and dancing with his hands pointed up in desperate gesticulation. Please please get me out of the water, I hate it here.

Funny that I immediately thought of one of my old friends who wanted to join us in ministry. He got some tats, a piercing or two, and some doc martin boots. He was ready to help.

He lasted two weeks.

the rev

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Anonymous said...

That is classic.

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