Thursday, May 05, 2005

Worst Band ever!!!

I have been talking with some friends about the worst band of all time. We have created some criteria that must be followed:

They must be a legitmate band so Weird Al does not count (ofcourse we then got in a giant arguement over whether the Darkness was a legitimate band or not.

They must have been popular enough that most people would know who they are

No one hit wonders so the Baha Men are out

We have created two categories Australian bands and International bands

We have given this much thought and come up with some ideas but no for sure winners

Here are my picks for top three international bands

1. Captain and Tenille ( the worst smarmy pop crap ever)

2. Cinderella (the hair bands hair band)

3. Nickleback ( I just hate everything about them)

Top three Aussie bands

who really cares about aussie bands :)

I am just ignorant on the subject, I was told the cockroaches became the wiggles and that is enough of an indictment for me.

And what do you say?

the rev


Anonymous said...

I was gonna say Nickelback, I'm glad you agree.

Anonymous said...

1. Justin Timberlake

2. Boyz to men

3. Celine Dion

You will smoke a turd in hell for naming Cinderella.

Christop said...

I think Nickelback would at least have to be close. Simple Plan are pretty awful too, but I'm not sure if they classify as a band.

Richard said...

Hey! Lay off the Wiggles, man! The Wiggles rock!! Lol! ;^)

But seriously, worst band ever?? Phew! Tough one. How about any metal band past or present. Yep, I'm showing my musical bias. Usually I don't broad brush stroke-sterotype an entire genre' of music. But in metal's case I'll make an exception.

Ofcourse you know it's likely you are not going to get consensus. Musical tastes are so varied!

PAX Vobiscum

John M said...

The Darkness get my vote, and aussie, Brown Hornet they sucked and only got any gigs cause of Dylan ie. the guy with peircings who used to do Recovery on ABC, Pepsi Music show in TEN and now in the Celebrity circus thing

Christop said...

Come on, the Darkness are okay.

Nigel said...

If I ever paid for one of Nickleback's album I'd want my money back too. So another vote for them.

Can I also nominate Dire Straights. It is not that they aren't skilled - the music is often precisely 'right' but it is so metred and boring - what is the good of music with no life or energy.