Wednesday, May 04, 2005

been a while

I have been desperately searching for something meaningful to share with you all. How about this one:

"life is what happens when you are trying to find something interesting to write in your blog"

Have had a pretty good week, church on Sunday was about singleness. They talked about what it means to be single, and some of the struggles with being single in our culture today. Some of the myths of marriage in modern culture, especially the Christian culture.

It was a good reminder of how us marrieds sometimes make others feel excluded or somehow second class. I truly enjoy being married, its the best part of my life. But that doesn't mean it would be the best part of someone elses life, often it is the worst part. We need to support our single brothers and sisters. One of the speakers really made my day she said she had decided to never marry when she was young, and because of this decision has had a plethora of great friendships. Her goal is to be and find great friends not potential marriage candidates. She seems very happy and fulfilled with her life.

Tony Campolo once said something like, " the bible tells us it is better to be single, but if you are too weak and can't hack it, then go ahead and get married"

the rev

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Anonymous said...

Good message.

There are things I miss about being single but I wouldn't trade my marriage for anything.