Sunday, May 22, 2005

Joy and George of the Jungle

So yesterday we were talking about joy. We discussed how sometimes we can get suspicious of those seemingly eternally happy people, and how we make fun of the pep rally enthusiasm of some of the mega churches, yet inside we long to have that kind of joy.

We talked about how there is a difference between joy and happiness. Often happiness is fleeting, circumstance driven, and somewhat selfish. Yet joy can seem to transcend even our circumstances. It is a knowledge of a deeper truth, a sense that there is a plan, and even in our most dire places, we are still loved.

And we talked about our difficulty in actually expressing joy, and happiness. And that made me think of George of the Jungle.

There is a scene in GOTG that came instantly to mind when this was brought up. George is hanging out with Jane, and he is dancing like a lunatic. He is totally oblivious to the rest of the world and just letting go in reckless abandon. George then invites Jane to dance with him, and she says she doesn't dance. George is confused by this and asks why. She says, "because I would be embarassed"

His reply, "what means embarassed?"

She tries to explain it to him, but he doesn't seem to get it. He tells her, "sometimes George running, and George fall down, but George no get embarassed"

Who gives a shit what anyone thinks? Why can't we just make the most of our joy, and happiness? Just completely cut lose? Like King David, after years in exile finally comes to Jerusalem to be crowned the king. His destiny fulfilled, the hardship over, the joyuous return home. Overwhelmed he strips down and dances through the streets in his new kingdom. He was letting it out, free of all embarassment.

His first wife, when reunited with her husband after years says, "well are you done entertaining all the young women with your ridiculous display?" I cringe when I read that, as that would probably be my response. Why can't we the church just let go?

Who gives a shit what anyone thinks?

well too often I do, and I ashamed to say so.

the rev

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