Thursday, October 06, 2011

What is the "sin" of our age?

Well I have a few thoughts on this.  The first is what is the sin of the church?  The second is what is the sin of our world?

Our first voice should always be to ourselves.  Though I would agree that the sin of the world is completely alive and well in the church, I believe that it is a deeper sin that helps that to happen.

In my opinion, the sin of the church is the sin of coveting.  What the church has done, is it has coveted the power, the riches, the status, the relevance and the style of the world.  We have, like ancient Israel said, "give us ______ so that we might be like other nations (companies, corporations, movements ect).  We covet the success and efficiency of the world, and we desire to emulate it.  We establish brands, sell discontentment, and are the slaves of advertising.  When we stand on the scriptures we do so in a way that helps us to control those under us, and create a competitive drive that will compel the troops to victory in our (sorry Jesus') name.

The church must look at our sin, and repent.  We are meant to be a different, separate, alternative, not a christianized version of the same thing.

What is the sin of the World?  Well in my mind, it is the sin of the ages.  Lust for domination.  In our world however this lust is more tied to economic greed, and consumerism, than at any time in history.  Lust for money and power are the cause of war.  They are the cause of screwed up self image.  They are the cause of wage slavery, dept slavery and sexual slavery.  The love of money and profit has caused the destruction of our environment, and even own bodies.  The love of money is indeed at the root of all evil.

So what should we do?  As the church, or even as concerned citizens of the world, what should we do?

Well, in my opinion, we should not stop saying, "this is wrong and needs to change"  But we should also begin experimenting with ways of life, and economy that are different, life giving and just.  We should live an alternative to the me first ethic, we should be concerned, informed and compassionate as communities.

I do not have the answers, but I do have the questions, and am committed to trying to figure it out in action rather than theory.



David said...

Essentially agree, although I can't see how the Gospel message is relevant or can help, other than by supplying motherhood statements and platitudes.

wwwestlake said...

Hi David. The Gospel includes hardcore justice methodologies and the presence of Christ's Spirit in us.

Demi Barbito said...

I would say our problem is not that "we sin". I would say that our problem is that "all we do is sin". Sin taints everything we do. This understanding would/could/may lead us back to the obvious need for Christ and Grace in all that we do (every second of our lives). As our hearts are re-prioritized by Gods Grace we are put on a trajectory of setting things right in the world (ushering in the Kingdom of Heaven). But our sin is continually before. "Our thoughts are evil continually from our youth". But as we mature and move on different trajectories than we once moved on we are able to impact the world around us and help to undo the vandalism of Shalom.