Friday, October 07, 2011

As long as you don't love money you can have all you want (and other bullshit)

Stupid things we try and believe:

Its the love of money that is the problem, so if you don't love money you can have as much as you want

Sure we are supposed to love our enemies, but that doesn't mean we don't need to kill them sometimes

Jesus was really hard on the church leaders and religious folk, but we aren't like them, we are like the disciples

Despite Jesus giving the scribes a hard time, he really wants all of our doctrine to be perfect, which is way more important than actually doing what he said and did

When Jesus said to follow him, he didn't mean literally, he meant to believe in him so we could go to heaven

Got any more?



Anonymous said...

Give to anyone who asks...unless they are homeless, they are just living off the system and should get a job.

john jensen said...

perfect, should I add them to the initial post?


Tracy Fitzgerald said...

I should judge not... unless I am careful to point out that it isn't me who is judging, but God... and I'm just passing along the message... in love.

Anonymous said...

I think you can add them if you want! People will probably see the "extras" if they are in the post rather than a long list of comments...but that is your call.

Anonymous said...

"I'm pro-war and pro-capital punishment. And hell yes, I'm a pro-life Christian."

Kimberly Kirchmer Dinsdale said...

"Win him without a word" means have sex whenever he wants and never complain about abuse. Let the wife see that she must respect her husband at all costs, or she will never win him to Christ.

Alan Molineaux said...

God loves everybody equally but he has favourites. He chose his favourites before the foundation of the world.