Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Started a new diet, and I am a bit worn out

Isn't it interesting that when you do something good for your body... your body rebels at first.  I started a very healthy diet, aimed at lowering my body fat, blood pressure and cholesterol.  I know from past experience that this diet is very helpful for me, and last time I was on it I felt great... eventually.  I lost weight, and my blood pressure and cholesterol levels plummeted.

But man the first week is horrible.  I feel like shit. 

So who cares?  Probably not many people, but I was just thinking that often when we do good things, it is hard, and hurts, and makes us miserable

until it becomes a healthy lifestyle.  Then its great. 



Mark Van Steenwyk said...

What's the diet?

john jensen said...

raw vegan

Jacquelyn F said...

That is hard core, but it will make you feel better long term. You are a better man than me though it takes a lot of discipline.

David said...

Are you selling tickets on yourself, John?