Sunday, April 19, 2009

writing more?

Went to a poetry reading tonight by one of my friends. His goes by rain dog armstrong, and his poetry was raw, and beautiful, and funny and urgent. If you are interested in some of his stuff you can look at I really enjoyed the reading.

But it got me thinking, I really should be writing more. I do write some poetry, but its not my real love. I like short stories both fictional and exagerational. I am in the midst of writing a book about spiritual warfare using my fight training as an analogy, or metaphor, not sure which. But the truth is, I am just not writing much. Then I thought, maybe I should start writing on my blog more. I was also thinking of putting up some videos.

But then I felt weird about it. I mean, aren't I just trying to get some kind of notoriety? Or maybe some kind of external validation? If I need to write to vent, or to express myself, why should I do it on the world wide web? Do I really think everyone gives a shit about what I have to say?

I just don't know. I am going to write more, for now, and then I will probably stop. That is just the way I am, sorry if that bothers you.

please love me


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Neal_Taylor said...

Hey John, looking forward to seeing and reading some more of your writing! Good to have you back! We miss you here in Melbourne! Know you are blessing LA with your family.