Monday, April 20, 2009

work, my boss, and ministry

Some of you may not know, but one of the things we have believed strongly in is working a "real job" instead of getting payed for being a minister. In Australia we had no choice due to our visa restrictions, and to be honest, it was pretty cool, except for the begging involved. But we really like the idea of working a part time job, and not relying on the church for support. A few reasons for this:

Its hard to say difficult things when your groceries are on the line

the church money could better be spent on the poor and neighborhood issues

nothing sets up the clergy laity distinction like having some pros and some amateurs

its hard to relate to your neighbors when you are paid to be their friend

But that is an aside, I have been working construction again. And my boss, is an amazing man. I just wanted to mention him briefly. He once told me he is a non practicing agnostic, but I think he is a deeply spiritual man. He allows me to work out my own schedule, though he often would prefer I work more than the thirty hours a week I am working. He tries to recycle as much from his job sites as possible, giving some to habitat for humanity, cutting up wood for fire wood, and even saving copper from wires. Just the other day an electrician pointed out that he would learn the hard way that recycling just wasnt worth the time and didn't bring in much money. He doesn't understand my boss. My boss knows he is losing money on the recycling, but as he says, "we are making the world a better place"

I am very fortunate to work for such a man, and I admire him greatly. And if you do happen to read this my friend, I am not sucking up...

but a raise would be nice :)


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Anonymous said...

John, its so odd you write that. I consider myself a non practicing christian agnostic. I was depressed the other day over some issues and I just felt that the right thing in life to do is leave it better than we found it. Lots of simplicity there.