Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Spent the last day in the hospital

I have an 8mm kidney stone. Really knocked me on my ass. I couldn't deal with the pain and had to go to the emergency room. Four shots of dilaudid and two shots of morphine in all. It was really painful. They did a CAT scan and showed a 8mm stone, which apparently is too big to pass on its own. This means we are going to have to find a urologist in a huge county hospital and blast the thing with sonic, or lazer treatment.

But we have no insurance. Funny thing is we are in the process of finding insurance. Not only is it too late now, but this will most likely make it much harder to find insurance.

Not sure how this will all work out, but I know it will.

If you want to help just send me an email pinnedagain2001@yahoo.com



Chris Lorensson said...

aw m8, such a bummer to hear about that. I will be praying– God's given us some great medicine (not to mention painkillers) and therapies so I'm sure it will work out. Though it's difficult to see an end in situations like these.

But God is (at least) slightly bigger than the kidney stone.

Blessings and love your way bro

KLJ said...

SUCKS! Damn. Why couldn't this happen when you were still in Oz?! Sorry man.