Thursday, September 11, 2008

Giving birth to rocks

Yesterday I peed out a rock. I named my new child Rock Stonington and will post pictures later.

I am very happy today, no more meds, no more dizziness, nausea, and headaches. No more horrible pain and worry about another trip to the hospital. No more feeling like I got clubbed by a wild batch of baseball bat wielding delinquents.

I will never drink a soda again as long as I live.

I will drink more water.

I will cut down my salt intake greatly.

I will do whatever my urologist tells me.

I will limit my coffee to at the very most two a day

will drink atleast two glasses of water for every beer, or wine

I have had enough penis diamonds, and want no more, thank you.

Thanks to everyone for their prayers, now prayers for some miracles in regards to hospital bills would be appreciated.



Anonymous said...

Dude - The first time I met you (15 years ago?) you were complaining about a kidney stone....while drinking coffee. The last time I talked to you (8 years ago?) you were complaining about a kidney stone....while having a coke. I have no idea how I bumped into your website - I googled something, or clicked on a link from something I googled - but wanted to say Hi

Gary Bucher

john jensen said...

don't know if you will come back, but I haven't had a coke since, but had mostly given them up a long time ago. It is weird how long it has been isn't it? How are you? Hows the family?


Anonymous said...

Everyone is good - 3 boys now, twins that are 7 and Brandt is now 12. Gina is the stay at home mom so she is very busy with them.

I hope all is well with you as well. If you want to touch base I am at

Keep up the good work and tell Raquel Hi - I don't think the girl's know me but if they do, say hi.

Keep the faith!

Have you read Jim and Casper go to Church? I thought of you when I read it for some reason. Jim seems like he has your approach.