Sunday, November 05, 2006

When house church goes Freddy

Well we have a way of doing things at our house church community. We are always very casual, relaxed, and informal. We eat together, we talk together, not many rules or regulations. We need to do a better job providing an alternative for our very young members.

The way things work is we take turns hosting our Sunday morning gathering. When it is at your home you are the curator. You don't have to do everything yourself, but you organize it. Including breakfast, and whatever we will do for our time together. Sometimes a bible discussion, sometimes communion, sometimes a lectio divina, sometimes a life conversation and prayer. But its your responsibility.

And last week one of our members took the responsibility to minister to the children seriously. He was going to tell a bible story using different kinds of dolls so the kids could enjoy an audio visual kind of thing. So it had a barbie that miraculously grew facial hair and had a camel hair vest which was ofcourse John the baptist. And had a "Zorg" that was the king. and some other dolls for other charactors. And then things got a bit weird.

Our considerate and thoughtful curator asked one of the children to come and perform the execution of Barbie John the baptist with a hack saw. So this young man removes the head of this plastic doll with a smiling relish as all of us adults gasped in appropriate horror. My wife and I were particularly worried about the concern of the sweet young lady we brought with us as a first time visitor.

All curator duties have been suspended til further notice, maybe its time to go back to a three hymn sandwich. :)



KLJ said...

That's great.
Yeah, maybe there needs to be someone to sort of help the curators out a bit, give 'em a second set of eyes before they unveil their masterpieces.
Great story.

Anonymous said...

But did the kids like it?

My kids would have LOVED it!


Mike Rea said...

This is great! So the kids would have been a little traumatized both so were the folks at Herod's party.

Very funny.

The Rev said...

well in all fairness, the curator was the father of the children, and the kids seemed to really enjoy the story. The saw weilding young man, especially liked the story. I don't know quite how I feel about that :)