Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Happy Thanksgiving

Always one of my favorite holidays, despite its sometimes dubious historical connotations. You get together with friends and family, you eat a lot, and you talk about what you are thankful of. Or atleast you feel a bit guilty for having so much when others have so little.

A few things I am thankful for, the Ashes series starts today, and this year it will really feel like thanksgiving, instead of watching football all day and then eating a big dinner, I will watch cricket all day and then eat a big dinner.

Great friends, that are committed to living in community, and seeing the kingdom come.

My wonderful wife and daughters who are my pride and joy.

A mother who not only thinks the sun shines out of my ass, but makes up good reasons why this is a logical position to take.

Having had some of the best mentors a guy could have throughout my life, Butch Plumber, Buddy Suitor, Dave Everitt, Neil Cole, Sam Metcalf, Carlos Estrada Vega, Fr. Bill Moore, Phil McCreddon, Alan Hirsch and others, I am truly blessed.

My current ministry, that has me more excited and more supported than ever before.

The sixty plus people eating turkey with me tonight.

So in the spirit of thanksgiving what are you thankful for?



Keith Lowell Jensen said...

My Sweetheart Bryna more than anything else.

My big, wonderful, weird family.

Knowing what I want to do; write.

That's the big 3 for me.

Anonymous said...

I'm thankful for music. Especially being able to see U2 not once but twice last weekend, and seeing them so close up.

Thankful also for my amazing community that helps me in more ways than I can mention. Love you all.

Thankful for my ministry and the opportunity to learn from someone as experienced and committed as John Jensen and co.

Thankful that we can walk the streets without feeling afraid of air-raid or bombs.

Thankful for my cat.

Thankful for food, especially pizza!

Thankful for the grace and love that comes only from the Father.

Grendel said...

I'm thankful I'm not buying the turkey for Rev's thanksgiving dinner.

Alister Cameron said...

I'm thankful that you've taken a keen interest in our glorious sport of cricket, John!

When you get it, can you explain it to me?!?!?

Hee hee

- Alister