Tuesday, November 28, 2006

A credible witness

My friend Darren wrote this book, I would recomend you buy it right now! :)

Here is what Ash Barker has to say about it:

“Darren Cronshaw is an emerging Christian voice for our country. This new, inspiring book about models for Australian mission is drawn from characters in our founding as a nation. There is no sentimentality here, but neither is their cause for total despair. God has been and is currently at work in Australia. Darren shows us how to join this God who is found on the under-side of our history and offers us an opportunity to make a new, more just history too. This is the book every-one concerned with Australia’s future needs to read and take seriously. If you want to be both faithful to God and relevant to our times, then don’t miss out on ‘Credible Witness’.”

Director, Urban Neighbours Of Hope

you can get the book by clicking here.

I hope you do, Darren is a brillian thinker, has done heaps of research for this, and is a top bloke.


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Rebecca said...

I ditto what Rev said. Darren is a very cool bloke.

Rev, I think you should make Dan and Phil advertise this too!