Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Why do we waste our time?

I am talking on another blog about the issue of homosexuality in the church. And it seems as though some people are so stuck in their way of thinking they can't even look at another position. I believe that homosexuality is not the way God wants us to live, however, I think the way in which the church has treated the people that deal with this issue has been very hostile, and not very Christlike. I believe that we have singled out this and a few other sins for special diligence and having done so further victimize these that have already suffered much.

But that isn't the point. The point is the absolute rigidness that defines peoples "position".

I was listening to the radio years ago. Dr. Walter Martin, the bible answer man, was talking about abortion, and saying that it was okay for a rape victim to get an abortion.

A gentleman called up and explained how his mother was raped, and he was the product of that rape. He then asked the good doctor, "what gives you the right to say my life is worth less than anyone elses?"

I was sure that in the face of this obvious test, the bible answer man, would be forced to say, "well, now that I talk to you, I see my position is lacking." But he didn't. He began to justify his position. When they couldn't reach an agreement, the bible answer man said, "well, I guess we won't agree, but hey thats what makes the world go round"

The gentleman replied, "no it doesn't, but thats okay, goodbye"

I know I hold on to my arguements to long and hard too.

Sad really, keeps us from growing I reckon.

the rev

btw I don't want to get into an arguement about abortion or homosexuality


Matt Glover said...

I think you're right, we do limit our growth when we insist on isolating others becasue of something they are or something they've done. It also makes us sond as if we've worked it all out and are the ultimate role models for humanity. My understanding is that only one man has ever been able to make that claim...

I wonder, too, if there is also a fear in there too. A fear that we might be infected. A fear that our reputations would be mudied. A fear that we'll lose our friends if let these 'lepers' enter our inner circle.

I stuck a rainbow flag sticker on my office window three years ago. No becasue I'm gay, but becasue I wanted to let people know that their sexuality would not mean they were unwelcome. The impact was interesting.

I was called the "gay pastor" who worked in the "gay office" and the sticker was ripped off at least three or four times. But slowly people started to call up and visit - not to necessarily talk about their sexuality, but who were gay and wanted to talk about Jesus.

Like you Rev, I don't believe that the homosexual lifestyle is what God calls us too. But at the same time, had I not been part of the lives of these people and they aprt of mine, my faith would be much worse of.

Let whoever be part of our communities, and if change needs to take place, then that's God's job. Not mine.

wilsonian said...

What a lovely space to visit today.

Rebecca said...

"Let whoever be part of our communities, and if change needs to take place, then that's God's job."

Yes, yes, YES.

Why is it that we speak of an omnipotent God, but then behave as if that God is not capable of speaking into the hearts and lives of others? ;)