Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Where are we going?

This is an excerpt from a book entitled Shantaram by Gregoray David Roberts

"doesn't it tell you where every bus is going on the front of the bus?" I demanded, irritated by the delay.

"Yes, Lin. See this one says Aurangabad, and that one says Ajanta, and that one says Chalisgao, and tha one says---"

"Yeah, yeah. So ... why do we have to ask every driver where he's going?"

"Oh!" he exclaimed, genuinely surprised by the question. "because not every sign is a truly sign."

"What do you mean, not a truly sign?"

He stopped, putting down his share of the luggage, and offered me a smile of indulgent patience.

"well, Lin, you see, some of those driving fellows are going to places that is nobody wants to go to. Little places, they are, with a few people only. So, they put a sign for a more popular place."

"You're telling me that they put a sign up saying they're going to a big town, where lots of people want to go, but they're really going somewhere else, where nobody wants to go?"

"thats right, Lin" he beamed.


"you see, because those people who come to them, to go to the pupular place, well, maybe the driver can convince them to go to the not popular plae. It's for business, Lin. It's a business thing"

"Thats crazy," I said, exasperated.

"You must have it a bit of sympathies for these fellows, Lin. If they put the truly sign on their bus, no one will talk to them, in the whole day, and they willl be very lonely."

"Oh, well, now I understand," I muttered, sarcastically. "We wouldn't want them to feel lonely."

"I know, Lin" Prabaker smiled. "You have a very good hearts in your bodies."

Now I can't help but think that a lot of modern church is just like this scene. They promise something else, and hope they can talk you into the something else on the way there. And for some reason it makes sense to them, we wouldn't want them to be lonely would we?

I like the idea of talking to an actual person long enough to know where the journey is going, and then you may have a real companion.

the rev


alanhirsch said...

Don't want to make a point about your blog except to say that eveyone should read Shantaram at least once! It is a rollicking read loaded with insights into life and the human condition. A movie is being made on it starring Johnny Depp as Gregory Roberts.

Matt Glover said...

Interested to see you use the term modern church. Do you mean the church as we see it in our time (ie modern times) or modern as in before post-modern.

Another I urge you to read is "Knowlege of Angels" by Jill Paton-Walsh. Set in the Spanish inquistion. Fascintating read - garuntee you'll love it Rev.