Friday, September 02, 2005

My prayer for my country

I pray the prince of peace, would live out love through His followers, extend grace and mercy to the victims, and create a move of compassion that would break all political, racial and economic distinctions.

the rev


KLJ said...

It's a strange thing.
Whatever the goverment's doing, good or bad, our people here have been wonderful. Nevermind the stories of looters and what not, they always grab the cameras attention. Everywhere people helped each other, delivered babies on bridges, shared the measly amounts of food and water they had, and people are heading down their in droves to help, the money that private citizen's are donating is unprecedented, set to surpass the giving that followed 9-11 even.
I am no fan of the powers that run my country, but The American's themselves have by and large made me proud.

KLJ said...

Please note this was my response to the hurricane itself and not anything you said.
I agree with your hopes that people show comopassion beyond their differences and that is what I see happening.