Sunday, July 17, 2005

Sorry I have neglected things for so long

Hello my friends, I imagine you have almost given up on me. Well I have been very busy, and not very inspired to write, I hope you will forgive me. I have quite a bit I'd like to write now, so over the next few days I hope you will tune in.

I have been busy working on the FORGE national summit, which we entitled Dangerous Stories. I was responsible for a few of the seminars, doing some decorations, and with the help of an amazing friend, planning the alternative worship night. Most of these thing came out resonably well, including the alternative worship service, even though we had to radically alter it to accomidate the large number of people that came.

I will be posting stories about our national summit, as well as some of the times afterwards with our interns. I will also post some of the things I have been thinking about recently. I hope you will not only read them, but respond.

the rev

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