Wednesday, July 20, 2005

So how is this for radical?

Christendom is an effort of the human race to go back to walking on all fours, to get rid of Christianity, claiming that it is Christianity perfected.

The Christianity of Christendom. . . takes away from Christianity the offense, the paradox, etc., and instead of that introduces probability, the plainly comprehensible. That is, it transforms Christianity into something entirely different from what it is in the New Testament, yea, into exactly the opposite; and this is the Christianity of Christendom, of us men.

In the Christianity of Christendom the Cross has become something like the child's hobby-horse and trumpet.


This is the opening quote for The Subversion of Christianity by Jaques Ellul. And people thought I was controversial. Well what do you all think?

the rev


Digger said...

Hey John, Digger here. Just wondering if you would be able to send us that 'Jesus was on the train article you wrote for the Forge national newsletter a couple months back. Wanna use it as a discussion starter if that's ok?

My email is

Cherrypicker said...

I like it. Most christians won't though. Or they will say "Yeah, yeah that sounds good. I am pumped. Let's do this."

Then pffft! It's over before it has even begun. Sounds like good stuff though to help you be more like Christ.

I think if Jesus came back today, and saw all of the crystal cathedrals out there he would be angry and sad that his message has been lost.

I sound pessimistic but I am not. I just don't like the church anymore. I think I would like yours though.

Trav said...

I don't like church that is about the maintance of a system ...of a 'name' of a style of church service.

In country vic there's heaps of churches ...just dieing, given up the challenge to reach lost people. Just waiting to close and die.....or are they already dead