Thursday, July 28, 2005

Last night

Last night we had our community dinner. We had a visiter from another suburb and it was great to have him visit. And two of my interns from FORGE, (the emerging church missionary training group I work for) were visiting as well. I cooked up a giant feed on the barbeque, we all stuffed ourselves and just talked and caught up with each other.

It was really important to me to have my interns join us. Why? It was just a dinner, we didn't even do anything. We didn't really talk about the FORGE stuff. Didn't talk about the emerging church really. Didn't even get very spiritual. They told jokes to me daughters, got to know my friends a bit, and ate. Not much of a night to remember was it?

Well, to me it was important for this reason. My interns need to see me engaged in my community. To see that I really believe what I say to them, and to experience my own convictions in action. But also, everything I do, is a part of my community. They need to meet my interns as well. Then need to see what I am up to, to meet the people I am ministering to in some way. We minister as a community, and the love we have with each other is part of my personal mission. They pray for me, they pray for my interns that they now have a direct contact with. Life is all inter connected. My faith community is not only a part of my spiritual walk, but part of my whole life.

They are part of my leadership, my coaching, my prophetic voice, my evangelism. We are all together, and thats the way I like it.

I know you may be saying "duh" and thats okay too. :)

the rev

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