Thursday, June 07, 2012

Tomorrow live streaming video from my backyard

Tomorrow night at 6:30 pm pacific time Dave Andrews author of Christianarchy, Not Religion but Love, and We Can Be will be sharing with some of my friends and neighbors at our house.  We will be streaming this talk on community, Christian anarchy and whatever else comes up so that you can enjoy it as well.

The stream will be on on channel rev3j please join us if possible, and share this with whomever you can.

Dave has been an incredible influence on my life and ministry.  In fact he has profoundly shaped the way we understand and do "church"  Here is a quote about him:

"There is one thing you need to know about Dave Andrews. He is dangerous. For example, after Indira Gandhi was shot, two or three thousand people were killed in twenty-four hours in the riots that followed. Mobs rampaged through streets looking for Sikhs to murder. Dave convinced Tony, a friend , that it was their job to go out and save these Sikhs. Finding a besieged house, they put themselves between an armed mob and a Sikh family and saved them from certain death. That's why Dave Andrews is dangerous. He is ordinary, yet believes ordinary people should take extraordinary risks to confront the cruelty in our world."

so be afraid, be very afraid :)


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David said...

Better to go to Hell addicted to crystal meth than just for stealing a cheese burger.