Sunday, October 17, 2010

the radical gospel of Matthews Jesus (Jesus begins his ministry)

John is arrested, and Jesus begins his ministry

I hope you will all give it a watch and please comment. Sorry it took so long, but I was on vacation and then was having technical difficulties with my recording device.



Christi said...

Hi. I thought about this a lot today.  A lot of the time I get so bogged down by how big the issues are and how deep the rabbit hole goes and I think that there is no way that I can make a difference & I get swallowed up by how much of a hypocrite I am just to be alive.  I get to thinking that I need to know more & learn more & talk more & figure things out more before I do what I know I need to do.  I watch as emergent/progressive Christian conferences go on and it never fails that someone shows up on the hashtag and calls the people on their lack of diversity et al. And it never fails that the conference goers themselves call out how unsubversive a subvert the norm conference with white college educated ppl really is.  I think the Emerging paradigm is asking some really great questions and is open minded enough to consider some really wonderful things...but they keep lamenting a problem that they keep creating.  It's fun to sit around and imagine things & talk about things & figure things out...but it is scary to actually do them b/c you will never know enough or understand enough to feel confident enough to move out of my comfort zone & actually surround myself with the people society deems the lowest. I'm scared that I won't be accepted that I will be culturally insensitive and not know it...I'm afraid I'll hurt and make things worse for the very people I love & respect and want so badly to communicate that to. Anyway...this gave me hope b/c Jesus didn't start his ministry by learning more first or surrounding himself by the most educated so he could make sure he had all of his shit straight...he just went & lived out what he believed most & I like how you put that. Words aren't nearly as important as actions. I've been really confused with where I was at if what we were headed towards really made any sense but I've lived the other way and no matter what I blvd living pro empire never made me happy so even as an atheist I remember saying (and this will sound odd) "But you have the words of life where else am I going to go?"
So anyway I hope all of that made sense. I haven't experienced church in a long time and this morning I did & it was wonderful. Thx John for all you do! :)

The Rev said...

I think besides your need for paragraphs that was very well thought out and made perfect sense. I sometimes lament the work it out and then try and do it ideology. Definitely a go out there and give it a go and see what happens kind of guy.

God can even use our failures to grow us up. Thanks for taking the time to encourage me, it means so much


Christi said...

I have seen this pic b4 but did not associate it with you...I love it. I love the beard...but then again I'm a beard lady...well not really...but you know what I mean. ;). And sorry no paragraphs I was commenting on blogger via iPhone & it doesn't let you go back & edit once you pour out your thought. I pour out thoughts first edit later. ;)