Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Targum for 1Cor13 1-3

If I speak in gender inclusive language, and carefully avoid all racial epithets but have not love, I am just too much cowbell

If I understand all of the socio political ramifications of the gospels, accept paradox and the relativism of communication in our post modern conversations about textual truths. If I am able to transform the powers that be so that the justice of God's kingdom reigns, but have not love, I am like one with no friends on facebook

And though I eat only organic local foods, wear only post consumer clothing, and drink fair trade coffee. Though I volunteer at the soup kitchen three nights a week, live in shared housing and provide shelter for the poor and homeless and regularly am arrested in protests for labor rights, gay inclusion and against war and globalization but have not love my portfolio is empty and my retirement is just dust in the wind

will post some of the other targums from our bible study later this week, blessings


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Guy said...

dude, where'd you go and learn a word like targum?