Thursday, January 15, 2009

Pacific Clinics

I have spent most of the last three months working at Pacific Clinics in California.

Not sure what all of the Pacific Clinics do, but this one did a lot of work with people trying to stay off drugs and alcohol. They work with some people that may be a bit on the fringe of society. I remember one day almost running into one of the biggest, scariest looking men I have ever seen. Atleast six foot seven, well over three hundred lbs. Covered in tattoo's that were definitely gang related. I smiled looked him in the eye and said hello. I think he wanted to kill me :)

But what I was amazingly impressed with was the people that worked here. The three amazing girls working reception, the site manager, and all of the doctors were just wonderful. They not only treated the clients with respect and dignity, but also did so with me, a disgusting construction worker that often wasn't getting the job done as quickly as they had hoped.

After all that time I am actually sad I won't be around them anymore. As some of you know, it is to these people outside of the mainstream that my family and I have given our lives to. We try and provide community and love for those that seem to be considered the least in this world. But in this place, it seemed like a whole bunch of people did the same thing, and not just for cash, but because it was good, and just, and right. They reminded me a bit of Jesus, and that made me smile.



Anonymous said...

Construction work?

When you could have stayed longer in Australia bludging off your well-wishers. Dishing out meaningless religious gibberish to people not in a position to tell you to shut up.

Keeps you fit, anyway.

Anonymous said...

Man I thought you'd died and gone to heaven David!

Rev, it's been longer than three months in fact it is coming on to a year now - where is te great adventure taking you next?