Tuesday, June 24, 2008

The fight part two

On the way home from picking up my daughters from work, I noticed that three of the guys involved in the brawl I wrote about yesterday were in the alley. So I sent the girls upstairs and told them I was going to talk to them. "what are you going to say?" they asked, and I told them I was just going to say sorry. My youngest was scared that it might not go so well, and to be honest, I was a bit worried myself.

I approached the three and said, "Hey, I just wanted to say sorry for the other night. I just really wanted you to stop fighting, but I shouldn't have threatened you guys"

One of them said, "no problem"

Another said, "it was a family thing, it was stupid, we should be apologizing to you. You don't want that shit near your home"

Then the tall skinny one said, "My name is Joshua, I live here, I am your neighbor"

And I introduced myself. I made a few friends I think, and God in his grace didn't make me suffer much for my stupidity.



Anonymous said...

Jesus is the King of Lemonade. If we bring to Him our lemons, we are no longer stuck with that acerbic and sour fruit, but He makes of it something more, something better, something sweeter. He redeems the fruit of our labors into something worthwhile and palatable.

And don't tell me you don't like lemonade, because in Van's World, everyone does (with a dash of salt, of course).

And how apropos that the young man's name is Joshua; your neighbor and your new friend. As you are led into a prospective land of hopefulness and works in Him.

- Van

scott said...

Thats a great outcome. Good to see that you are posting again Rev.

Gods _Rhema said...

Brilliant...in meekness and humility Rev.

KLJ said...

Great response and great outcome. Nice.