Monday, June 23, 2008

The bearded one!!!

Well this is my new face. This picture was taken about a week ago, it is a bit bushier now. I have till the first of August before I shave, so it will be quite unmanageable by then.

I have learned during this time that I don't like having a beard. It doesn't itch anymore, but I feel like I am not myself. Or atleast the impression people have of me is not a true one. I am not bushy beard guy.

I have learned that I could happily be a vegetarian, I find myself not missing meat so much as I thought I would. I do miss having a glass of wine, or a beer with the guys though.

I have been going to the gym regularly, doing some jiu jitsu, and playing cricket. The exercise has been good for me, but I feel pretty sore frequently.

I have not been as able to write as I would have liked, I have not had the raw determination to just sit down and make it happen. What complicates it all is I am not sure if this is just a need for discipline, or if this is maybe God's will for me to wait on writing the book. I have been reading a lot, both theological books and novels by George MacDonald which I believe are probably better for me than the theological ones.

I feel a bit unsure of things, but I have faith that I will know what I am to be about, when its time to be about them. I pray my pride not get the best of me, nor my desire to control my own fate.

The girls have both gotten jobs, and are happily working. One at a drug store, the other at Trader Joe's which is I guess an alternative grocery store. Raquel is looking for work as well.

I am feeling like writing a bit today, so I will put up this and an article or two, I hope you find them in some way helpful, or interesting.



rockpaperdynamite said...

Hey, I like the look on you. A beard on you makes you look wiser, which suits you.

cindyred60 said...

I noticed you said you are
reading alot theology and
G MacD.
G. MacD would say, 'read the
gospels' he says that all
the time, he says read them
till you really know the
One, Jesus.

urbanmonk said...

Very Rabbinical

Gods_Rhema said...

I freakin love it...

Anonymous said...

hello john this is phils son zyaire is my email

KLJ said...

I hear you about the beard. I grew a pretty monstrous one and looking in the mirror was distressing in a way I hadn't expected. It just didn't look like me. Weird.