Wednesday, July 11, 2007

My baby is a grown up

Well my eldest daughter turns 18 today. Its kinda weird. I know its not about me but I feel old.

Adriahna is an inspirational young lady. Her compassion, and care for others is quite amazing. She is a peacemaker, a joy bringer, and the life of a party. She consistently amazes me with her wisdom, which seems unfair for an 18 year old.

She is very much like me in some ways, (which she doesn't really like), but she is so much better. There is much less insecurity, or aggression in her manner. Adriahna is very strong willed, she can talk her way out of just about anything, and she doesn't mind centre stage. She is emotional, in a good and not so good way, something that looks much nicer on her than myself. She doesn't allow herself to be ruled by fear, which makes me very very proud.

When I look at the man I was at 18, I am doubly proud of my daughter. She is far far past me in every respect. She will make this world a better place, if only for being in it. I want all the world to know that I love her, I am proud of her, and I look forward to her future. Eighteen years ago God lent her to us, and is now starting the process of taking her back, I hope we have done well in the meantime, but she has shined either way.



Angry and Shallow said...

Mate you and Raquel have done well!

KLJ said...

You inspire me as a father and your daughter inspires me as a person. I hope Bryna and I have a girl (when the day comes, not that it'll be soon) and I hope we're as good a parents as you and Raquel.