Tuesday, July 10, 2007

martial arts instructionals

Well as many of you know I am a former professional fighter, and am a long time competitive grappler. I made these dvd's a number of years ago, they are available outside of Australia at http://islandmartialarts.com/index.cfm?ac=ShowProducts&CatID=92&SetCat=1

and in Australia at


so if you wanna learn to break legs and necks for fun, do some purchasing :)

and yes I understand the irony of the anti capitalist pacifist selling martial arts videos, I am a complex individual, or I am a hypocrite, probably a bit of both



Greg the Explorer said...

I go for my yellow belt grading tomorrow - won;t need any nancy boy dvd from you to make me lok good - I'll send you some dvd's of me to help you if you like!

Greg the Explorer said...

Well I am now officially a yellow belt - better watch yourself now rev, any cheek from you and pow..yoko geri side kick straight to the knee for you and down you go!