Tuesday, June 12, 2007

The state youth games SYG

Well I had the honour of speaking at the State Youth Games this year. This gathering of 2,500 young people plus staff and chaperons, happens every year. In the evening they gather for some fun and some spiritual type stuff, but in the day they are locked in intense sporting competition.

The first night we did a letterman style evening, we had some music, some crowd interaction, a top ten list, and some interviews. They interviewed me about some of the crazy stuff I have done, the bullfighting, and the cage fighting. They showed some video clips, and then I did a demonstration with digger at the end of which he challenged me to a wrestling match. I of course smashed him with ease, but in the process hurt his little toe, please pray for him. Over all it was a fun night, and it allowed me to skip the getting to know me part of my message the next evening.

On Sunday night, they did more of the same, but after a few worship songs I got up to give a message. I read from Matthew 25 where Jesus talks about the judgement of the sheep and the goats, I told a few stories about how I attempted to live this out in my own life. I challenged everyone to take a piece of newspaper (they had been given before the service) and wad it up, and then place it in their shoe. This would be an irritating reminder that they must go into their world, their neighborhoods, their schools, and be part of the kingdom of God, seeing Jesus in all people, but especially the unwanted, and unloved.

Afterwards I had many wonderful conversations with young people, and even a few oldies. We discussed just what this would mean for them, and how they could put it into practice.

I missed the closing ceremonies, as I was helping my friends from Urban Seed pack up the Sacred Space.

Thanks to all who came, and put on this incredible event, lots of work goes into these things, and I appreciate it all. Thanks to UNOH, who worked with me to develop the commitment response, and who have organized a myspace page for those that want to interact called go_stand and were there both nights to talk to people.

Anyone who wants to talk to me about what I said, or better yet, what you are going to do about it can email me at johnj at forge.org.au



gods_rhema said...

Mate I knew you would be going off there...
I knew you would give a great encouragement to all.
Im hoping for many more of these Blessed appointments for you.

Gareth LovesTha Pye said...

You were the highlight of an odd evening program.

"Please don't leave yet, we have 1 last pop song to perform for you"

(I'm sure most people are happy with calling "Video Killed the Radio Star" a pop song)

jO-Lo said...

i loved SYG this year, in a way it was better then last year!
i walked in a bit late and heard you talking, i was going to walk out again but then i heard what you were saying so i thought i might stay.
thank you!
hope you can come again next year!

David J. Stewart said...

Praise the Lord brother.

Please link to my site

Fred said...

Did you tell them about a better world run on magic, sunshine and rainbows?

Gods_Rhema said...

Do you know the most loving comment comes from those who abuse you Rev..

These guys love you man!

Your paving great roads..richest Blessings fall on ya.