Sunday, August 27, 2006

These last four days

Well its been pretty full on these last few days. Been running non stop. Had our FORGE dinner, which took a bit of work to set up, and a bit of work to run and a bit of work to finish. Then we had the UNOH surrender conference, and that was awesome, but exhausting as well. Then we rushed back to the Cave and had the privlidge of having Darryl Gardiner come speak to us.

Pretty full on, non stop for a few days. But there is a tiredness that is not weariness. I am thankful to have today off, to spend a day with my wife just relaxing. I am only writing here because Raquel is having a nap, and I cannot as I am having some sleeping problems at the moment.

I will write a bit about my personal experiences this weekend in another post, but I am just feeling the need to share my thankfulness for a busy, tiring weekend. It isn't a bad thing at all.


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