Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Into the silence

Well I have found a cabin that I can use for free out in the bush. So I guess I am going to find my silence and solitude. I am still a bit scared, extreme extroverts are not really that comfortable with solitude and silence.

My wife is going to go up to the cabin with me and we will spend the Monday together bush walking and then she will leave me there. I will be picked up on Thursday morning. I am still not sure exactly how I should order my time.

And advice would be great. Also wondered if at silent retreats they speak prayers aloud? And is the goal not to write as well? Some things I have planned was scripture readings. Taking communion daily. And possible doing some painting. I am planning on having regular times of centering prayer, and trying to practice stillness.

I would rather get charged by a bull.



greg the explorer said...

You could try the ignatian spiritual excercies - have a look at this

greg the explorer said...

They are meant to be done over 30 days and with a spiritual director - but you could change it about - and customise it for your particular needs

urbanmonk said...

Wanna swap? I feel like I am getting charged by bulls all day

urbanmonk said...

But that wouldnt work
coz my bulls are your mosquitos

The Rev said...

it is funny how everyone acts differently to the same stimuli. You would probably relish a few days of solitude. I am actually scared. You probably would hate standing in front of thousands of people and having to perform or speak, and I actually love it.

weird life


urbanmonk said...


Wierd life.

Digger said...

Yeah journalling is the key for stuff like this I reckon, lets you look back and reflect on what was going on for you, what exactly was making you feel uncomfortable, what God is trying to tell you through that etc.

Be interested to hear how you go.