Saturday, April 01, 2006

Watched V last night

I loved it. And the fact that I really like pretty girls with shaved heads, is not the reason I liked this film. I won't get into the plot too much, and admittedly this could have been a very very poorly done film. It is just the idea, and the dream that captured me. I actually cried a bit at the end.

You see, I am forty years old, I have two teen aged daughters and I have been married for 17 years. Yet I still have this belief, this hope, that some day the people on this earth will wake up. We will together bring justice, mercy, equality and love to the forefront of our consciousness, and actually bring about change. Despite all the evidence to the contrary, I think we may someday cast off the yoke of oppression, and be truly free. I believe that their will be a revolution, a non violent revolution that will bring the kingdom of God in such a way that all the world will see, how good and how perfect it is for the brethren to dwell together in unity. I don't know how I hold on to this hope, my life seems to say it can never happen. Maybe I am just stupid.

Lest anyone misunderstand me, I do not advocate violence, ever.

the rev


klj said...

Did you see here gangsta rap thing on SNL? I hate gangsta rap parodies almost as much as I hate new SNL but this was FUNNY!
You can probably find it at

BTW: I'm finally ready to appreciate Dylan. Holy crap you're right. He's brilliant.

klj said...

Oops, I meant HER gangsta rap thing, meaning Tom Cruise's baby mama from V, so you see the comment was sort of almost on topic. yeah.

The Rev said...

Katie is not in V, it is Darth Vaders wife that is in V

so, you once again ruined my life, thanks for that


the rev

klj said...

Oh damn. Got 'em mixed up. So what the hell is Katie in? Oh yeah, in trouble, HA HA HA.

Anyway, yeah, that one from V, gangsta rap, funny.

Kieren Green said...

I wonder if historically (pre-historically even) there was ever a time when people lived in this ideal of peace you describe.

It's easy to see how war and fighting could have upset such an order if it ever did prevail. A peaceful society that had never known war would make a natural target for the group seeking to expand or the group running out of resources.

Perhaps the evolution, development and survival of the human species has not been possible without violence and injustice. Is it only in modern times that we can imagine a peaceful ideal could be possible?

The Rev said...

well, Gandhi sure did a bit with non violent protest, as did Martyn Luther King

the rev

urbanmonk said...

Ah.. Kerien, GLad your back! I have a quote for you buddy... ( totally unrelated of course)

"endless invention, endless experiment
Brings knowledge of motion, but not of stillness...
Where is the life we have lost in living?
Where is the wisdom we have lost in knowledge?" - T.S. Eliot

BTW - I dont think Ghandi actually achieved any tangible lasting change in his lifetime, in terms of an independent india. but there is no doubt his example is unmatched, and he stirs hearts and minds to this day. Perhaps HE got his ideas from Jesus Kerien?

David said...

Urbanmonk, I had meant to retire the "Kieren Green" nom de plume, but used it out of force of hait. Having tried out "thomas1862" in another post, I think I will just stick to my real name of "David".

And, yes Ghandi could very well have gotten his ideas from Jesus. But don't forget that Jesus' wasn't the originator of many of his ideas either. Similar ideas had been expressed long before Jesus by many others. Sometimes there were expressed better.

urbanmonk said...

For example?