Tuesday, February 07, 2006

A godly woman

Last night we started our internship process with a dinner with our interns, kind of a meet and greet. We did this at a place in Ringwood called Urban Life, (right across the street from the Ringwood station). We had a staff meeting first, and then all the interns came in. We shared a bit about FORGE and had them share a bit about themselves. It was very good.

But I noticed a young lady that was very busy cleaning up, getting coffees, making herself as helpful as possible. This young lady, is also a mum, and the pastor of a church. Infact that cafe was the building her church owns, and runs their service out of. This incredible woman wanting to make their church more accessible to the people of her neighborhood, she lead her willing congregation to sell their building, and buy one that would be used all week long. That would be a blessing to the neighborhood. And call their church to a greater interaction with the community.

And this amazing leader was their cleaning up plates and cups, making coffee, helping us at every turn. She traded in her pulpit for a dishtowel. And in so doing she increased her pulpit.


the rev


Ben said...

That's so cool. I love it.

I love the idea of the church building being used 24/7. A sanctuary from the storms so to speak.

It's funny you know Rev, I have never been a big social justice type person (of course I care - just hasn't been a focus) but more and more God has been showing me how the kingdom is at its best when it is reaching out to the absolutely desperate.

I'm a Pastor (as you know) and my biggest thrill of 2005 was racing around the supermarket to take a few days groceries - (that I bought myself which really added to the buzz - my bank account was involved!) to a guy who was just coming out of a gang and hadn't eaten for a few days. I tell you the excitement as I did that was greater than anything else I experienced last year.

Hey check out this video of extreme prophetic - their 'heart for the homeless' episode....you'll love it.


Anonymous said...

Is this a more noble action because this woman was a pastor?
What if she was a nobody?

The Rev said...

well I think it is noble because she left a position to serve others. But you do have a point. To me I commend people that are willing to be downwardly mobile.

the rev

Anonymous said...

That is my point. its called noble because someone is for example, a lawyer or doctor sweeping floors or washing dishes. if a garbagle collector or a dishwasher does it, with the same spirit, nobody pays any mind. when your already down, you dont have any mobility. its easy to commend the noble in the noble.

Anonymous said...

sorry, correct that last comment... its easy to commend the noble in the mobile.

The Rev said...

You are right ofcourse.

the rev