Sunday, October 23, 2005

This Sunday

We talked about family today. We talked about our own families, and we talked about God's family, and we talked about our church family. Our particular church family is a group of people out in the western suburbs of Melbourne. We meet for dinner on Thursday nights, and for breakfast and some worship stuff on Sunday morning. We can now fill a lounge room, and since there isn't much room for more, we are planning on becoming two groups very soon.

I think that is why thinking of family, and thinking of each other as family was important this week. The thing is, for many, our flesh and blood families are not what we would like them to be. Many of us have lost our families, through death, divorce, or other extremely painful things. Yet there seems to be this innate desire to be family, to be loved and accepted, even by those close to you. This desire is so strong we often find people going back to horrible abuse, because...

its my family.

Well I wonder if I might say something a bit extreme. Jesus is looking for people to be family to those that are suffering, those that are outcast, the poor, the marinalized, the rejected. We might be much more comfortable sending some money, and staying family with others more like ourselves. But I am being drawn continually to go beyond my natural tendencies, being drawn to follow Jesus example. And to truly become a brother to those that maybe don't smell as nice, maybe don't have the best use of their minds, maybe have some horrible addictions or other issues. They sometimes do need money, but they always need family.

One thing I know, families hurt. And another thing I know, thats okay, do it anyways. For the family of God, embraces Jesus, in the least of these.

the rev


Keith Lowell Jensen said...

Yup. I like that sentiment indeed. Not an easy goal to achieve, being family to those who need family the most, but oh so worthwhile.

Jon Owen said...

Well said John, great limb to be out on! Jesus didn't only command it, he lived in such a way that the outcasts were the priority over the "do gooders". Whoa, if only we all lived a WDJD (What did Jesus Do) lifestlye!

¿johnman¿ said...

yeah there are so many near by who need some kind of family because theirs has left or deserted them, or treat them like crap. May the church become the kind of family they need.