Sunday, October 02, 2005

The nerdy kid that got picked last

Well that was me on Saturday. I was the kid that they didn't want on the team but tried to let him play because he was so enthusiastic. It was still lots of fun, but I could tell they put me where they thought I could do the least damage. I am not used to being that guy, I am used to being the guy that gets picked in the first couple of picks, and is expected to win the game for you. To be honest, it doesn't make me feel very good, nor feel good about the kids that had to suffer this treatment in school.

The batted me 11th which is fair enough. I don't bat real well, and don't actually enjoy it that much. I came in and faced three balls, I got bat on ball each time. Actually played a shot once. But scored no runs. And them my partners wicket was taken the next over. So atleast I didn't get out. Maybe next week I can score a run.

They put me at square leg, after instructing the bowlers to bowl off or outside off, which means I wasn't supposed to get much action. But I did get to make a few stops, one was a full length dive that stopped a sure four. So they were happy about that. But they never gave me the ball. I was a bit bummed about that. The wind was blowing a bit and I know if the could have bowled into the wind my balls would have been dipping and bouncing and causing all kinds of problems. If they stayed on the pitch ofcourse :)

I think my best contibution to the team was every once and a while I would put on my thickest california surfer accent and call out, "take a wicket dude" I think that broke the batsmens concentration a bit, cause the first time we took a wicket a few balls later.

Anyways, I will be practicing harder than ever. I want to work my way up to number 9 on the batting list, and atleast get a few overs before the season ends.

the rev


backyardmissionary said...

great stuff mate

humble beginnings are good for some of us!!

Anonymous said...

I'm trying to say something funny about your balls bouncing and dipping, but inspiration escapes me.

Maybe the image is to visually disturbing...

Digger said...

Yeah I didn't get a bowl either mate! Hacked a couple of runs in the last two overs but.

The good thing about fielding at square leg is chatting to the umpire-as long as you don't get told off by your captain!

Keep on persisting with it mate-if I knw you at all your determination will definitely get you a bowl or two.