Friday, August 12, 2005

Seeing a vision

Last night at the UNOH conference Jackie Pollinger was speaking, she then brought up one of her team who shared a prophecy. She then said, "all of you can do this"

My heart started slamming in my chest.

I got that God wants to talk to you feeling. I closed my eyes and tried to listen and I this is what I saw.

I saw an island. It was kinda black and white and so reminded me a little of Alcatraz, probably from old movie scenes. But there were many bridges that went out to the island. It appeared to me that the Spirit of God was smashing the bridges. And then I saw people getting into the water and swimming towards the island.

I asked the Lord what this meant, and this is what I believe He told me.

We put the poor, the outcasts, the sinners, the different on an island. These may be ghettos, or mental hospitals, or just the cliques we force them into. Then we build bridges to these islands. These bridges are our programs. Then make us feel in contact, they make us feel like we are doing something, like we are meeting the needs. But the fact is, they keep these people on their islands and us off. We might visit them, but we are still alienated from them. The Spirit wants to take down these bridges so that we must climb into the water, make a commitment and a sacrifice and actually live with these people. This is the way of Jesus.

the rev

And no I haven't seen the motorcycle diaries, I have been told I just described a scene from it. I look forward to seeing it now.


alanhirsch said...

I haven't seen the Motorcycle Diaries either. I think we should see it together.

Thanks for the prophesy!

James Paul said...

Hi rev. That was one of the most beautiful and powerful prophesies I've ever heard. And that's coming from someone who's been in a "prophetic" church for over 18 years. Thank you. I was linked here through Al's blog.