Saturday, August 20, 2005

The liar

I guess the old idea that if something is worth doing, its worth doing well can have lots of interesting twists and turns. The other day I was working at a long term shelter for homeless people. It is a pretty severe place with many of the people either heroin addicts or on the methadone program trying to stop being heroin addicts. There are a number of mentally ill people as well as some who have just gotten out of jail and are trying to get back into the flow of life. The hallways smell of urine, and unwashed people. Each floor has two bathroom and toilets for all of the occupents. Two floors, eighty people you do the math.

I just started to go there on Fridays to give out coffee and tea. Its an opportunity to get to know some of the hurting in our own neighbor hood. As I was sitting in the room one guy began talking to us. He decided if he was gonna lie, he might as well go for it! :)

Now as most good lies do his started with some truth, and then just went crazy. We couldn't tell where the truth stopped and the lies began. And as I sat there listening to this pretty young man, who was a helicopter pilot, and didn't drink, but while drunk rolled a personel carrier among other things, I found myself wondering why? Why lie about soooo much?

Then I started thinking about myself. How much of my life, and my personna is a lie? Do I try and make myself seem a little bit better, a little more humble, a little more self sacrificing? And is it any different because it is more believable? Atleast this guy had the balls to lie boldly.

Perhaps the title of this little message is my title. I hope I can be a bit more honest, first with myself, and then with all of those I love.

the liar


Anonymous said...
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wilsonian said...

Not sure how often we intend to lie to ourselves... it is something we get unfortunately good at with little thought.

I'm tring to be quicker with spotting the lies myself... am still sometimes shocked at what I try to make myself believe.

James said...

thanks for the post. isn't "sophistication" a beautiful mess? we've become artists of the lie. it's so good to talk about it. i mean...who "isn't" pathological to some extent. so subtle. so crafty. we learn to cover our lies so well!

The Rev said...

it seems to be human nature doesn't it

the rev