Wednesday, June 08, 2005

What do the warriors do now?

When I saw The Kingdom of Heaven there were a bunch of charectors. Some were very cool, some were bad cliche's, some were really disturbing. There was one guy I really liked, I call him the smiling priest, he was a warrior, and yet seemed a philosopher and a truly spiritual man. He ended up without his head. There was one guy that I liked, but for all the wrong reasons. He was a huge man, crazy, and war like. He was scared of nothing. When asked to make a way, he responded, "that is what I do". In another section he exclaimed, "I have to be me, who else would?" There was the two leaders trying to coexist and tame their passionate younger warriors. There was the political leader trying to keep the peace. There was the vocation priest who seemed more interested in his own position than in Godliness. So many interesting people.

I began wondering what I would be like in those times.

I guess that someone who was a bullfighter, a punker, a repo man and a pro fighter as well as an artist, pastor, and counsellor would not be able to remain a tradesman or a farmer. I would have gotten into more trouble for sure. But in that brutal time what would I have become. I hope I wouldn't have been that crazy war monger. I kind hope I would be like the smiling priest. But, I also thought about why are we so discontent now.

I recognize I am uncomfortable here in this time. My strong passionate nature is often off putting. My love for battle is suspicious to many. Yet, I am an anarchist and believe that war is wrong and all about power and money. Where does one such as me fit? Where do you fit? Isn't the modern world difficult to navigate?

My wife was just telling me she feels sorry for men. They are meant to be a paradox now. They are supposed to be manly, yet feminine. They are not supposed to be the cave man, unless that is needed for the moment. We spend our life trying to get in touch with our sensitive nurturing sides, yet deep inside many of us crave the adventure, and rush of competition. That is why sports is so important to us.

So what do the warriors do?

I'll let you know when I figure it out. For now I will go to battle on the pitch, with my weapon a spinning cricket ball.

the rev


hamo said...

As a passionate man also with strong views and having grown up in Belfast I often wonder where I would be if I were still there.

Would be in an outlaw paramilitary group, would I be a hardline fundy preacher, would I?... Who knows...

Its definitely tricky ebeing a bloke today!

rivertribemike said...

Hi John. Good words..I know we should have talked on the phone by now, but here I am, reading your blog at 11:17pm instead. Blessings to you.

Anonymous said...

Hey Rev,

Why are you trying so hard man? You are an original and very specific creation. You are also called to a unique destiny by your Lord and Master. It's not that confusing or complex, be a man and get on with being real. I mean Bible-real, not contemporary real. Bible-real is passionate about thesame things God is, the best representation of Him on this planet. Philosopher, Think about it! (As in Physician, heal thyself!)

The Rev said...

trying too hard? Be a man? What the hell are you talking about?

the rev