Tuesday, June 21, 2005

latest art piece

This is a cross I made for Red Network, this is the church my house church a part of. Their logo is a cross that is made up of five squares and I used that as my reference. Their slogan is red = Jesus + life The four on the left and down the middle are symbols of our lives having been washed clean, and the scars and imperfections show reveal Gods washing in the blood. The one on the right shows that we are still on the way, we are not perfected yet, and we need Gods constant cleansing.

All of my pieces all symbolize the wounds and scars that life places on all of us. But they also show how it is these flaws that makes us unique, and Gods redemptive purpose that makes these unique wounds become what makes us beautiful. Each of my paintings are just plaster on wood painted with coat after coat of acrylic paint, sanded with very fine paper, and then polished with a bare hand for sometimes hours to bring up a very strong shine. This symbolizes to me Gods constant polishing of us until we are a work of His art, unique, wounded, flawed, and made beautiful by his hand.

this one shows the sheen and texture of the pieces. My work doesn't photogragh really well, as it is very shiney, textured, and sculptural. It is also meant to be touched having been polished with the bare hand. When you see it you quite naturally want to touch them.

the rev


Anonymous said...

I love the symbolism behind your work. You are such a joy. God is polishing you to a glorious glow and I love seeing the shine increase year after year. You have inspired more than you'll ever know. Unfortunately in this world we only hear from the complainers. Someday you'll hear from all those you have touched and I will explode with pride (but I know God will forgive me).

Anonymous said...

Cool stuff. I would love that in my house. Nice comment from anonymous. True to.

Anonymous said...

John, it's beautiful. I do believe it's my favourite.

Anonymous said...

The photos can't be seen anymore John - Wot Tha? I'd like to see tem if you can repost them at all.