Thursday, March 17, 2005

standing up for the defensless, or protecting a pedofile?

The family and I were on our way to Anglesea for a day. Sunshine was predicted, so we thought a day at the beach might be a good idea. We brought our jackets however as we are starting to understand Victorian weather charts are really just hopeful guesses. We were looking forward to some time with our friends, and some sunbathing.

As we were making our way through Geelong, we saw a disturbing sight. Right on the side of the road there was a man laying on the ground struggling to get up. Another man was obviously mad as hell, circling and screaming at the downed man. I couldn't tell exactly what was going on, the crazed man might have just bashed the other, but maybe the other was drunk and fallen down, and his mate was just pissed off at him for not holding his liquor. I wanted to stop just in case assistance was needed, but the wife thought it might not be a good idea with my daughters in the car. But we were both unsure as to what we should do.

As we passed the scene another car stopped, the guy who stepped out looked like a nice bloke, and wasn't very big. The angry man was not really tall, but was chiseled with muscle and looked like he had been in a scrap or two. Negotiations started. My wife was still not sure, but now was worried for this other fellow. I thought we needed to go back and make sure things were okay. She agreed, and we turned around. As we approached the place we saw that the angry guy had left, but now was turning to go back.

We saw the one who had been on the ground staggering away. As we made our second u turn to go back and give some assistance, we saw the car that had stopped before, was now pulling in to a fish and chips shop, what we didn't know was they were calling for an ambulance.

When we arrived at the staggering man, we realized he was badly hurt. He was covered in blood. His face looked like the end of a Rocky movie, and he had already given up walking for a seat in the grass. I didn't want to touch him, covered in blood, but I was very concerned for him. As I began to ask him if he was alright the angry man arrived, he was screaming at the guy.

As I took a stance that said I am not going to let you hurt him anymore, he started screaming about protecting a pedofile, and saying that the man molested his four year old daughter. Now I find myself in a difficult position. What do I make of this information? He is pacing back and forth, and I am trying to figure out what to do, but also realizing, I need to decide fast. Do I watch and allow another assault, or do I choke someone unconscious to protect someone who may be a pedofile? I didn't really want to do either.

Sometimes things happen that you later realize were God's assistance. I said calmly, "well then lets just call the police" The angry man changed a bit.

"I can't call the police, I just got out of jail"

"Well I am going to call the police, so we can work this out"

He then started to explain what happened, His explainations contradicted each other, and didn't make sense at all. It appears to me that these two had been drinking together, hired a cab to take them somewhere, and then started argueing. The cab driver kicked them out of the cab, and the angry guy got so mad he bashed the other. When someone stopped to intervene he left not wanting to get in trouble, but came back and made up this excuse so he could bash him some more. Atleast that is what I believe happened now after talking to the other fellow.

I went to tell Raquel to call the cops on her mobile phone, and found she already had, she is a smart gal. I told the guy the police were called and on their way, and that he had better leave. He said, "where? I don't have anywhere to go" and he left, very reluctantly.

Raquel got on to an ambulance dispatch and they sent someone out. I was not going to leave this guy to get beaten up, and told him I would stay until the ambulance arrived. He assured me he didn't know what the guy was talking about, and I had already figured out that their was no girl in the cab. I asked if he had been drinking, he said, "yeah, a bit" I knew it was more than a bit. I gave him some apple juice, stood in the sun so I would shade him a bit, and we waited for the ambulance.

He thanked me over and over for what I had done.

The ambulance came and took him away.

It is possible I am wrong. Maybe he did molest the guys daughter. Maybe I protected a pedofile. All I know is that in the heat of the battle, I defended someone who was defenseless. I have to leave the rest to God.

the rev


backyardmissionary said...

great story Jon!

Kitty Cheng said...

what a difficult situation hey? i admire what you said about leaving it to God after doing your very best you could in the situation:)

Richard said...

Holy smokes! Sounds like that was a a difficult situation. Who knows if he really was a pediphile. And if he was...and hard as it may be for us to accept, Jesus still loves him. And he wasn't deserving of beating. You were Christ to him that day. I think you did the right thing.


Erin said...

You absolutely did the right thing! Praise God.

I'd hope we'd defend a gossip from being beaten, a liar, a shop-lifter... hardly sounds the same, but if sin is sin, then we must respond the same.


musolove said...

to me a pedophile deserves abit of something not nice, you know you have kids. He got his. sounds like the guy beat the crap out of him pretty good. Maybe if you didn't show up he might of taken it that one step too far. no one deserves to die without the chance to repent. after the physical pain fades he might (hopefully) have a spiritual hell to deal with. THats far worse than a broken nose.... like you said now it's in the hands of "GOD". You did the right thing.

John M said...

Yeah i reckon u did the right thing, Jesus protected the woman caught in adultry and you maybe a pedofile, God put the authorities in place to punish people who have done wrong, even though we might like to beat someone to death for something they have done, revenge belongs to the Lord and justice to the courts he put there.

Romans 12:19
Romans 13:1-3