Friday, March 25, 2005

Good Friday

I watched the Passion last night for the first time. It was remarkably true to the biblical and historical record. I was deeply moved. But I found myself really drawn to the charector of Peter.

Peter was so gung ho. He loved Jesus with all of his heart, and was the leader of the apostles. He swore his allegiance even unto death, yet when the test came he failed. Everything in him wanted to be the hero of the faith. Everything in him wanted to stand and die if necessary along side his master, his Lord. Yet his frailty is recorded for all of history to see.

We all know about Jesus' death, but I believe Peter died that night too. He died to his own power, his own abilities, to his own pride. He was crushed, and humiliated. Everything he said he believed seemed to him now, just a lie. He was no longer worthy to be called a disciple.

But we all also know of Christ resurection. And because of this Peter's.

This Friday I pray you will all find your own death, your own crucifixion. I pray that you will like the scripture says, be "poor in spirit" for the kingdom of God is never far from those of us that have died. I pray that your lives would be lost, so that they might be found. That like Peter, you will experience the resurection of Christ as your own.

And move on to be a caretaker of God's children.

Christ sacrifice must remind us of our own desperate need for resurection. Christ' death must remind us of our own death, in baptism. And seeing His ability to face this with the resolve and majesty of God, must remind us of our brokeness. I have denied him, in my thoughts, in my words, in what I have done, and what I have failed to do, and I long to be restored that I might not deny him again.

May Gods presence be experienced in your lives this Holy week.

the rev

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