Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Its been a long time

I found myself constantly checking my page views, and trying to up my online reputation.  Kinda silly isn't it? 

The truth is like most people I want to be famous.  I want everyone to love me or hate me.  What a dumb desire.  I may or may not have grown past that stage.  But I want to write for me.  For my daughters and their children some day.  I want to write because its good for me to write.

I think out loud, I process things better as I write or speak them. 

So if anyone still checks in here, I am gonna write again.

I may even do some poetry here and there.



Scott Blair said...

I miss your post here. And your "opposite day" scripture post on Wasn't there supposed to be a book with those?

Anonymous said...

Hey rev, sorry to post on here for this, can you share your email with me? I am off FB, want to make sure I have your details if you decide to drop by during summer.

Andrei Grigorian

Anonymous said...
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john jensen said...

David are you really so pathetic that you are consistently writing dirty limericks on a blog that hasn't been written in in years? Why do act like a jr high school student?