Friday, November 30, 2012

My interview on Christian Anarchy with Whiskey Preacher



Adam Clark said...

Great interview John, I like it and agree. I guess you are familiar with Alexandre Christoyannopoulos' work, but if not his BBC interview titled "Was Jesus an anarchist?" is a good primer.

Shane Knerl said...

Just watched this after a friend and I had a conversation about my shift in beliefs. I talked about my growing frustration with the modern church, our country, etc. I jokingly said I had gone from the right leaning side of things to an anarchist. They mentioned that I was actually sounding like a christian anarchist. Having never heard it before, I was curious. After several days of wading around the internet and reading various things, I happened upon this interview. This breaks the concept down into a relate-able viewpoint. (You have to admit that a lot of the things people will point you to like Tolstoy are somewhat overwhelming)
Anyway, thanks for the clearest information on Christian anarchy thus far!