Monday, December 05, 2011

Just a little encouragement

My friend Allen sent me an email this weekend.  He said he had taken some time to read over the last few blog entries or so, and he thanked me for them.  He said they were meaningful and moving to him.  He said they helped him understand things better.  He made me feel encouraged, he made me feel like if for only one person the writing I do here mattered. 

Now I know this might sound like a plea for everyone to tell me how wonderful I am, but that is not my point.  Well not my only point :)   What Allan did was encourage me to use my gifts.  The bible talks about this, encouraging one another towards good works, sharing with those that share with you, and the whole body needing one another.  I try to make it a habit to tell people how much their actions mean to me.

In the book Connecting, Dr. Larry Crabb talks about how one of the most important parts of Christian fellowship is seeing the Christ in others and calling it forth.  That is encouragement.  So today, and the rest of this holiday season, oh heck, the rest of your life, take the time to see the Christ in others, see their good works, look deeply and see the good, and praise it, encourage it, fan the flame.  There is enough in this world that tears us down, we should be people that build up.

Thanks Allan for building me up



Lahi said...

Rev, always enjoy the blogs, and am challenged by them, even if I don't comment much.

Lahi said...
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Lahi said...

I think your blog is a great thing, even if some of your readers jumped ship. I know some people are still reading it, I check it regularly. There aren't many people out there saying the things you are Rev, and not many people putting it in language most of us can relate to. A friend told me he thought you had a gift, for taking these ideas, and putting them in ways that most people can get. As much as I've been blessed by people like Lewis and Wright, sometimes I get a headache trying to make sense out of what they're saying.

Lahi said...

Sorry for some reason links to adds keep popping up in my posts.

Mrs. West said...

huh. we shouldn't need a reminder to love, encourage & spread hope... but I guess we kinda do... that's some good advice right there.