Sunday, May 02, 2010

The radical gospel of Matthew's Jesus intro

This has been a long time goal of mine, and I discussed it with my community and we came to the decision that it would be a good thing for me to do this series. They did, (knowing my tendencies towards obsession) ask that I limit my internet time. So I am very happy to get into discussions, and arguments and the like however I will need to keep my time to one hour on Thursday night and one hour on Sunday night.

ok, now I know this might be a bit boring, but just listen to this, and I promise the actual bible studies will have a bit more bite :)

intro to matthew



Darryl said...

Excellent. Looking forward to part 2.

araphel2009 said...

many good points, especially liked that you pointed out that the rich have controlled the point of view that most religous viewpoints have come from. look forward to watching more.

Chris said...

Context 4 is a very cool part of the process. I think it is vital that we look at how these teachings impact on (and hopefully challenge and change) our 'here and now' rather than interpret them in light of how we have already set up our comfy little lives.