Tuesday, June 30, 2009

today is my birthday

Got my tattoo on my forearm finished as a birthday present, woo hoo


Gods_Rhema said...

Rev thats freakin intense man!!!

I like it...Im gettin 777 tattoo`d on my side very soon...saw it in my dreams.

What do some of the signs represent on it mate?
Also have you looked into playing cricket over there :)

Gods_Rhema said...

Wow truechristian...thats heavy mate!
I have met John and I didnt notice a evil vibe at all...do you feel that from the Holy Spirit?
Leviticus is the old law..do you practice Judiac customs in a cruciform way?
The Apostle John addressed that :)

God Bless you man!

PS: Sorry John I forgot to say Happy Birthday mate...so Happy Birthday!

Gods_Rhema said...

By the way Rev, I do recognise the Trinitarian tatt, and the Hol Spirit tatt too, but the other one I dont kno mate..

john jensen said...

its the chi ro, which is the first three letters of Christ in Greek, (actually two ch is one letter in Greek) transposed over one another. It is an ancient Christian symbol, but has been adopted mostly by the Catholic churches. All of the symbols on my arm tell my spiritual journey, and I started as a Catholic.

I deleted true Christian's and bad Christian's posts as I believe they are from the same person, and that that person is just trolling.


john jensen said...

but just in case anyone is wondering about tattoos, the scripture in leviticus specifically says not to cut or mark yourself in mourning for the dead, but, even if you want to say that would still apply...

The verse before it says not to cut the sides of your beard. A few verses later is says to always rise when and elderly person walks into the room. So, why don't people enforce those "laws"?


Gods_Rhema said...

Well Rev, Im sure you and I both know you dont have an evil vibe lol...and tattoos dont even let of a pungent smell !

I know USA is trying to birth a side to play in the One Day Cricket World Cup....im sure they could do with a good spinner who has a theolgical background mate

urbanmonk said...

fucking brilliant dude!! Too hardcore for me:) Did Raquel tell you bout my tattoo story? I nearly passed out as soon as I heard the gun buzzing threw up in the toilet:)

Cheryl Ensom Dack said...

Wow!!! That's awesome!!! I love it. I really love significant
"story" tattoos. :)