Saturday, August 02, 2008

From Nazarite to lex luther (a facial evolution)

I will write more about my experience in the future but I just thought I would post the pictures of my process. This is after three months of not shaving or cutting the hair.

this was me after the vow

this is me with my head shaved but a full beard, like the antagonist in Ironman.

But I like to call it the white Kimbo Slice

this is prison John, not for the feint of heart

This one is a special one for my aussie friends, it is called simply the

and last but not least,

this one is called bow chicka bow wow

and ode to a kinder and gentler time

I will post the clean shaven pictures later today.



urbanmonk said...

What a crack up!!

the merve Looks great!!

Darren Kuhling said...

I think your true calling is hairdressing and make up. Wow!

rockpaperdynamite said...

I quite liked Prison John.

Diego said...

haha wow thanks for the entertainment. u sort of had a tank abbott look when u were prison john.

Janet Woodlock said...

This is a little like one of those "turning into a werewolf" B-grade horror movies... but in reverse.

Are you going to do a "Charlie Chaplin" (or is that an Adolf Hitler?)

TV said...

The biggest gay man I've ever

FootscrazyBoy said...

If the second last one is the Merve, then the last one MUST be the Boonie - dead set legend!

Jarrod Saul McKenna said...

The Merve is where it at!

Hey I got a email from Lee Camp saying he'd met mates of mine from Melbourne at Restorationist thing was that you guys?

gods_rhema said...


Thanks for the MeRvE rev...

Good OT commitment man.

marx kernow said...

I think I like the boony!