Thursday, April 10, 2008

A new apartment?

Well we are still looking for a place to unpack. We are negotiating with an apartment complex in a neighborhood in Long Beach that we felt might be a good fit for us. The only issue is Winston our English Staffy (dog). Hopefully that works out for us. If not it looks like we will be staying at a studio apartment that a friend has given us use of. Yes, four of us in a studio apartment with a dog. We are just driving too much now staying in Diamond Bar and driving to look for places in Long Beach.

We are in Sacramento now visiting my mom, and attending my brothers wedding. Always feels great to stay in mom's house. We are still looking for a car, and some bicycles, but have had a computer given to us by some friends.

It is weird, I feel very unstable which is not unusual for me, but I usually love it. Now however I feel a bit fragile, and unsure. I am afraid of the sabbatical that is coming. I guess this is all natural, but maybe I prefer my usual disconnect. I do pray that if I have more to learn in this dispossesed state that I will be able to hear well. Anyways thanks for all of your support and encouragement.



David said...
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Janet Woodlock said...

I've heard a few people say that "reverse culture shock" (going back to your home culture) can be worse than foreign culture shock... probably because you don't expect it or prepare for it. Give yourself time and space, as you are probably in a grief and reorientation process, so feeling out of sorts is normal.

David... grow up. That comment is pathetic... nasty and unfunny. You're capable of better.

The Rev said...

Saying that about my mother is crossing the line.

Chris Lorensson said...

I can totally understand the apprehension. The thought of moving back to SoCal totally freaks me out, and you've been away for much longer than I. Also, I have no idea about how Australian culture compares to the States.

But take heart, my man, God has moved you guys in the right places, as far as I know, and He's really faithful to continue finishing the work He has started...

I hope you guys get into a great place, and hopefully you get some time with the Douglas clan as well.

I'll try to remember to keep you in my prayers– haven't been praying much lately, but the move to the country should help clear our minds.

How are you finding it being back?

Sovann Pen said...

I used to live nearby Diamond Bar in Hacienda Heights, just down the 60.

Grace and peace of Christ to you and the family.

Guesty said...

Some advice when looking for a new apartment, make sure you can hang a ball in a stocking from the clothes line to keep your eye in for batting.

David said...

Don't worry too much, Rev. If things get desparate you can always eat Winston.

Sweet and sour pork. Yum.

urbanmonk said...

Can you remind your wife to read her damn blog:) I know she only posts something quarterly or half yearly, but its just not good enough.. I need attention, NOW:)

Phil tells me you have something for me... I thought we had an arrangement re; the painting which I love by the way, but will leave it to your discretion..

David said...

Lighten up, Rev, and have a laugh at this site:

Which bridge are you living under these days?

David said...

Obviously not a bridge with internet access.

The Rev said...

Actually we got a place, and we just got internet access. We are living in a condo in Long Beach, its exactly the neighborhood we were looking for. Should start posting more regularly now.

How are you David?


David said...

Not bad for a Hell bound person, Rev.

Betcha that house won't be as good as your Heavenly mansion where you'll get to spend eternity spitting on us poor souls in Hell.

The Rev said...

that is so stupid David, why would I spit on you while you are suffering in hellfires?

It might cool you off and lesson your torture!

I might throw feces at your of course.