Thursday, October 05, 2006

Cricket starts

Had a good first practice with the team last night. They had started practice together already, but as they were doing it on Sunday mornings I have not been available. So I went to the nets with some friends to get in shape. Last night I had a lot of fun. Some great guys at the cricket club, I bowled and batted alright, felt very comfortable out there.

So I was picked in the thirds for this weekend, and I can't wait to play. Hope I get a few overs with the ball, and take a bag of wickets. :)

Cricket is a wonderful game.



Gods_Rhema said...

Gods players always perform....great time to show Jesus around too. It still remains a gentlemans game which is good.

Good to see third grade John...thats where I want you all year! Play well and hit them in the middle son..

David said...

Remember to work on those sledging and drinking skills.

As to showing Jesus around, well I'm sure you'll hear his name mentioned as you sledge off at your oppenents.

After the game, it is standard Australian cricket practice to get absolutely off your face with your choice of recreational drugs and alcohol. I read that crystal meths or "ice" is popular these days.

The Rev said...

I will stick to a diet coke after the game, and my sledging amounts to "come on get a wicket dude!"

Didn't you say you were leaving? I guess I am just too good to walk away from huh? I don't blame you, I wouldn't want to live without me either.


Rebecca said...

David, I've got friends that play national cricket, and they definitely don't use anything other than alcohol (in fact, one doesn't even use that) . Then again, that might be because they play indoor cricket, and we all know that's not *real* cricket...

btw, you're dropping your game a bit. that post isn't offensive, it's just silly.